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Masquerade: A Romantically Mysterious Short Story

August 15, 2020

Written by S. M. Nevermore

Short Story / 17 pages

It’s a Masquerade ball, naturally, a costume party at Halloween replete with skulls and skeletons, coffins and pumpkins. Author S. M. Nevermore provides delightful details to bring this atmosphere to robust life. We can almost touch the silken velvet of the heroine’s sapphire gown; we can almost see the sparkle of the opal drop earrings.

But this heroine hasn’t led a charmed life. While she reluctantly leans against the wall, nursing a drink, she watches her good friend out on the dance floor. Somehow it’s always others who have the fun.

But then, to her surprise, a man in a Zorro outfit begins courting her. He is chivalrous and understanding. Her cynical nature rises up again and again, but he is patient. Willing to prove to her that he deserves a chance.

What type of magic might be wrought this Halloween eve?

Well recommended for those who seek a bit of magic in their life!

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