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And Then They Were Three – Nell Iris
Short Stories / October 5, 2021

Written by: Nell Iris Short Story / 11 pages Some stories are short stories. This is definitely in the “flash fiction” category. More than that, this is even higher on the confusion scale because the title clearly states “9 Willow Street – Book 1”. However, when you start the story, it is CLEARLY a sequel. You have to do some digging to realize that the book title is WRONG and that this is actually a flash fiction short sequel to an existing short story which costs $1.99 to read. I’m not sure I would call this a romance. It’s a moment in time that a happy couple share. If anything, it’s probably properly in the paranormal literature section. It’s about a couple and a young rabbit-shifter they are fond of. I’m all for flash fiction. I love flash fiction. But again, this is labelled as a BOOK 1 and it isn’t. That responsibility falls wholly on the author. The story has a variety of grammatical errors in it. A simple pass in Word or Grammarly would have highlighted them. I’m not sure why a modern author would skip that quick, free step. Even more strangely, this seems to be published…

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Masquerade: A Romantically Mysterious Short Story
Short Stories / August 15, 2020

Written by S. M. Nevermore Short Story / 17 pages It’s a Masquerade ball, naturally, a costume party at Halloween replete with skulls and skeletons, coffins and pumpkins. Author S. M. Nevermore provides delightful details to bring this atmosphere to robust life. We can almost touch the silken velvet of the heroine’s sapphire gown; we can almost see the sparkle of the opal drop earrings. But this heroine hasn’t led a charmed life. While she reluctantly leans against the wall, nursing a drink, she watches her good friend out on the dance floor. Somehow it’s always others who have the fun. But then, to her surprise, a man in a Zorro outfit begins courting her. He is chivalrous and understanding. Her cynical nature rises up again and again, but he is patient. Willing to prove to her that he deserves a chance. What type of magic might be wrought this Halloween eve? Well recommended for those who seek a bit of magic in their life! Book cover images are copyright to the original author. They are used in this review as a fair use usage.

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The Sleeper Dreamed – Sela Carsen
Short Stories / July 15, 2020

Short Story Some stories lay out for you exactly what happens and why it happens and how you should feel about it. They leave little room for the reader’s interpretation and imagination. The Sleeper Dreamed by Sela Carsen definitely expects you to read between the lines. To follow the subtle hints. The heroine is lost in a chaotic world. Broken furniture. Thick dust. There is growling. A sense of fear. She finds locked rooms and figures out how to get into them. She begins to discover treasures. Gifts. And soon she finds the greatest gift of them all. Knowledge and understanding. And one of the most important things she learns is of a man who went away to war and was damaged by it. He returned to his home “as a beast”. He had become lost. The ending is powerful and touching, especially to anyone who has been involved with a soldier who suffered from PTSD. It gives us hope that we can heal and renew, given time and faith. The story can use some polishing, though. For example, there are instances where something important is said, and then only afterwards are we told what the tone should have been….

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A Ballad of Love – Sam Heartland
Short Stories / June 15, 2020

I wanted to love A Ballad of Love by Sam Heartland. It has a delightful theme. A young woman adores comic books, but is being pressured by her friends to give up this “manly” pastime. Just as she starts to throw away her comic books, she’s stopped by the sight of a musician. And it turns out he’s just the man for her. He adores science fiction, they connect, and true love is in their future. If this is the type of story I would love, then why am I having such problems with it? First, we are in 2020. The idea of a group of women actively harassing a friend for being “gay” for having a certain hobby, using “gay” as a continual term of denigration, is fairly upsetting. Our heroine hangs out with homophobes and seems to be a homophobe herself? And this is someone who adores science fiction? I would hope that science fiction is one of the safe havens where the LGBTQ world is celebrated. Second, the number of grammatical errors int his two-page story are fairly staggering. The very first line has “lovers tale” with no apostrophe. Eighteen-year-old should have dashes. There are countless commas…

The Proposal: Book 1 – NYC – A Romantic Short Story
Short Stories / November 16, 2019

Sweetly Romantic Short Story / 11 pages Hank was late again for dinner, but Ruth didn’t mind. His job as a fireman meant life was always a bit chaotic. As long as he came home to her at the end of the day, she was blissfully content. She didn’t know that tonight would be a night like no other … * * * The Proposal – Book 1 NYC is the first book in this romantic short story series. These short stories are about 10 pages each and celebrate the power of true love. Each takes place in a different US state. The Proposal series contains no violence, no swearing, and no intimacy, so they are suitable for teens and up. You can read the books one-by-one as they are released, or you can read the boxed sets. The boxed sets are compiled immediately after reaching each 10-book milestone. It’s your choice! Some readers enjoy giving feedback as I write while others would rather binge-read in blocks. A portion of all proceeds benefits battered women’s shelters. Book cover images are copyright to the original author. They are used in this review as a fair use usage.

Dancing Lessons: A Short Story Romance about Battling Alzheimer’s
Featured , Short Stories / November 16, 2019

Written by author Lori Soard. Free Kindle short story A well-constructed romantic short story. We live in a world which often idolizes young love, acting as if only teenagers can understand the depths of passion. Author Lori Soard shows with power that a mature couple can know far more about the lasting power of love. The two understand just what it takes to weather the storms of life. Book cover images are copyright to the original author. They are used in this review as a fair use usage.