Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Featured / March 28, 2019

The all-time classic. The book which inspired countless romance novel authors to spread their wings. The story which encouraged legions of fans to dream of becoming Mrs. Darcy. I’ve watched every movie version and TV version of this novel which exists in the English language, including the Bollywood version. It’s incredible how well this storyline translates for different eras and different attitudes. Elizabeth is feisty, intelligent – and human. She definitely has her faults. The challenges Elizabeth faces are ones which many of us can relate to. Her mother just doesn’t understand her. Her father supports her but just isn’t always there for the family. She has dreams but is trapped by circumstances. She makes mistakes. She misunderstands people. She does her best to be loyal to the ones she loves. It’s important to remember, too, that this was written to be a satire. This isn’t a serious, attentive review of what life was really like in the early 1800s. Jane Austen was deliberately exaggerating characteristics to poke fun of types of people. That being said, she grounded her story in reality. A young woman would indeed be scandalously ruined if she shacked up with a man without marrying him….