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Dancing Lessons: A Short Story Romance about Battling Alzheimer’s
Featured , Short Stories / November 16, 2019

Written by author Lori Soard. Free Kindle short story A well-constructed romantic short story. We live in a world which often idolizes young love, acting as if only teenagers can understand the depths of passion. Author Lori Soard shows with power that a mature couple can know far more about the lasting power of love. The two understand just what it takes to weather the storms of life. Book cover images are copyright to the original author. They are used in this review as a fair use usage.

Men are Like Street Cars – Graeme and Sarah Lorimer
Classics , Featured / November 16, 2019

I tracked down this book because my great-grandmother mentioned reading it in her diary in 1941. I thought it would be a period piece, something dated but perhaps interesting. Was I wrong! It was an INCREDIBLY funny and smart book about a teenage girl going through what teenage girls of all eras go through – dealing with boys, getting in and out with the groups of girls, school, parents, and especially an annoying older sister. The writing is excellent, and each chapter stands alone as sort of a mini-story. Read one a night and savor each one. This is perfect for any teenage girl in your life, but is also amazingly fun for older women as well! https://www.amazon.com/Men-are-Like-Street-Cars/dp/B000JRA27U/ Book cover images are copyright to the original author. They are used in this review as a fair use usage.

Knowing Yourself – A Medieval Romance by Lisa Shea
Featured , Historical / March 28, 2019

Kay is entranced with the possibilities which lie before her. Five handsome, willing men are vying for her hand in marriage. The stakes are ownership of a medieval keep perched on the rocky edge of a stormy ocean. Each man seems more stunning than the last, and it is her choice which will reward the prize. To make the game even more interesting, Kay is disguised as a handmaiden to her sister, Em, so that she might more freely mingle with the suitors. In this way she can learn their strengths and catch them in their most unguarded moments. As the threat of border reivers approaches the keep, Kay finds that her pleasurable pastime takes on a far more serious overtone. Knowing who to trust and who to depend on becomes a matter of life and death!  All author’s proceeds from sales of the Sword of Glastonbury series benefit battered women’s shelters.  Knowing Yourself is book one in the Sword of Glastonbury series. Each novel ends in a happily ever after, which then leads into the next book in the series. Each of these full-length romances features its own flavor, atmosphere, and main characters. Each is set in a different…

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Featured / March 28, 2019

The all-time classic. The book which inspired countless romance novel authors to spread their wings. The story which encouraged legions of fans to dream of becoming Mrs. Darcy. I’ve watched every movie version and TV version of this novel which exists in the English language, including the Bollywood version. It’s incredible how well this storyline translates for different eras and different attitudes. Elizabeth is feisty, intelligent – and human. She definitely has her faults. The challenges Elizabeth faces are ones which many of us can relate to. Her mother just doesn’t understand her. Her father supports her but just isn’t always there for the family. She has dreams but is trapped by circumstances. She makes mistakes. She misunderstands people. She does her best to be loyal to the ones she loves. It’s important to remember, too, that this was written to be a satire. This isn’t a serious, attentive review of what life was really like in the early 1800s. Jane Austen was deliberately exaggerating characteristics to poke fun of types of people. That being said, she grounded her story in reality. A young woman would indeed be scandalously ruined if she shacked up with a man without marrying him….