Sweet Romance RTG


March 28, 2019

Welcome to the Sweet Romance Retweet Group website!

This project began as a retweet group on Twitter, at https://twitter.com/SweetRomanceRTG.

A retweet group is a group of authors who help share news about each other’s books. This Sweet Romance group would help promote books which involved sweet, clean, gentle romances. These tend to have no explicit intimate detail and a low level of profane language and violence.

Examples would be stories like Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice or Mary Stewart’s Rose Cottage. Stories where the hero and heroine fall in love without twenty pages of explicit, steamy descriptions of their body parts.

To become part of the marketing effort, please join us at the below Facebook link. That is where we coordinate the tweets we are sharing with each other and with our group audiences.


We also have a public Facebook page where we promote sweetly romantic stories –


Ask with any questions, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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